Officers and Committee Members 2022
General Secretary
Stock Controller
Show Secretary
Membership Secretary
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Webmaster                          Diane Sherlock                  email:            
We also have a small army of volunteers to help with the running of the Sales Hut.  If anyone would like to help - just an hour and a half on a Saturday or Sunday morning once every four weeks, and we always need more help, please leave your name & telephone number at the Hut. or email
Rob Lane Allotments Association

While our sales hut is located on the same site as the Rob Lane Allotments Association we operate as separate entities. For those wanting further information on the Allotments Association please contact
Harry Whitfield, General Secretary, RLAA (Rob Lane Allotments Association) - Tel : 01744 600951 (evenings)
Tel: 01925 816416  / 07805407475. 
Louise Oakes
Diane Sherlock
Frank Lunt 
Kathryn Green
Annette Johnstone 
Karen Jones
Tony Addison
Jeanette McNulty
Paul Kerby  
Annette Johnstone
Louise Oaks
Paul Kerby
​Tony Addison and Jean Darbyshire
Mike Briers
Marjorie McMahon.
Silvana Briers
Sheila Yorke
Marjorie McMahon.  
Jeanette McNulty
Graham Yorke