GrowAid Pure Wool Pellets (Slug Gone)

Totally Natural, Safe and Organic way of getting rid
of Slugs and Snails without killing them

Slug Gone is a 100% natural barrier, deterring slugs, while creating  a natural weed suppressing mulch, and introducing a slow release feed all at once. The material contains naturally occurring phosphates, potash and nitrogen, giving a slow release fertiliser action as it biodegrades. Use on soil around plants or the top of beds or pots. Not only do the pellets keep Slugs and Snails at bay, the pellets are also a good mix and balance for growing plants, fruit and vegetables. The pellets hold twice their own weight in water so they act as excellent mulch.

Slug Gone or “Wool Shoddy” is pure wool pellets manufactured from the fleece of sheep and an important byproduct of the wool textile industry. 75% of the raw material comes from British fleeces. It has long been established as an excellent slug deterrent and is ideal for organic gardening, safe for children, animals and garden wildlife.

The wool fibres have very fine scales with small barbs on the tip called cuticle cells, these cause wool fibres and matt together acting as a self-felting mulch. The hygroscopic nature of the wool fibres plus the sand and grit already in the compound and the potassium salts from the sweat glands of the sheep absorb some of the slime from the slug's foot to cause irritation, resulting in the slug finding easier feeding methods.

Directions for use -  Slug Control
Spread the wool fibre pellets in a single around the plants in a 6" - 8" diameter collar (The pellets must all be touching).

Water the pellets well, and in short period they will bind together, forming an insulating ”felt” mat around the plant that will not blow or wash away. This will stay undisturbed around the plant for up to 12 months as it slowly bio degrades and breaks down.

Directions for use - Soil Conditioner
3 1/2 litres  of GrowAid slug gone, Pure Wool Pellets will cover approx  20 x 2 litre Plant pots, or  8 x 12" Hanging Baskets. Wool pellets can be readily mixed with compost and easily applied to pot/container grown plants.

Some words about Slug Gone from the manufacturers (
"Britain is the undoubted slug capital of the world. Damp summers and wet winters create the perfect moist environment for them to be busy doing nothing else but breed, eat and breed again. There are, in fact, about 7 different species of slugs in the average garden and they can do a tremendous amount of damage to your plants, flowers and vegetables right through the year.

Slugs and snails may be the gardener's worst pest but they are also a vital part of the daily life cycle of garden as they eat decomposed vegetation and also provide food for various wildlife including insects, hedgehogs, frogs and birds.

In the past gardeners and allotment owners have struggled to deal with this scourge and many of them have resorted to the use of chemical based slug pellets. This may well kill the slugs but they have also been known to kill or harm other species in the garden such as frogs, hedgehogs, birds and even household pets like dogs and cats.

Now, there is an alternative on the market. 'Slug Gone' is an amazing new product from GrowAid. In 2008 it was featured on ITV's Alan Titchmarsh Afternoon Show. Well known gardening expert and presenter, Alan Titchmarsh explained, in detail, how Slug Gone pellets are made and summed up by saying: "I've been told by the guy who gardens up at Chatsworth that it works particularly well on his sweet peas…so try Slug Gone".

'Slug Gone' wool pellets are composed of 100% natural materials including phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. As soon as water is added the fibres swell to form a barrier or insulation blanket. When slugs climb onto the fibres they irritate the foot and cause them to seek easier feeding elsewhere.
'Slug Gone' wool pellets are ideal for organic gardening and can be used in pots, flower beds, borders, allotments, herb gardens, nurseries, garden centres, green houses and vegetable plots."