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Main Prize Winners

The best exhibit in the show - Garden News Shield    

National Dahlia Society silver medal winner

National Dahlia Society bronze medal winner     

National Chrysanthemum Society silver medal winner -
exhibit of most merit 

British Gladiolus Society Bronze medal     

Royal National Rose Society bronze medal winner - best exhibit          

National Vegetable Society silver medal winner -
most meritorious veg exhibit

Best overall photograph

Chrysanthemum section most points gained       

National Dahlia Society most points gained  

Gladiolus section most points gained    

Pot plant section most points gained & Sue Lever Trophy    

Rose section most points gained

Flower section most points gained & Rotary Club salver  

Most points gained in show - Gordon Brooks Trophy

Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal -
most points in horticulture sections

Top Vase

Top Tray

Ian Burns

Ray Weeks

Chris Nightingale

Ian Burns

Leonard Bailey 

Chris Nightingale

Jim Brodorick

Dave Hemingway


Chris Nightingale

Leonard Bailey

Chris Nightingale

Don Farrell 

Chris Nightingale

Chris Nightingale

Chris Nightingale

Don Sutcliffe

Jeff Gibson
"Mountains and /or Moorland"
Waking in the early hours of Saturday the 12th Sept and listening to the rain beating on the windows we were afraid that we were going to have a number of wet and soggy exhibits for the show. But the skies soon cleared and yet again we had a great turnout of both exhibitors and visitors to the show. It is always amazing the length some of our exhibitors will go to to put on the show bench, the very best of their seasons work in growing, tending and finally displaying their exhibits.

For this year show Malcolm Greenhalgh brought along one of his 12 Foot sunflowers as part of the guess the height competition. Anyone driving through Newton in the early our of Saturday morning would have been quite amused to see it tied to the roof of his car as he carefully made his way to the exhibition hall. All in all a great day and I hope enjoyed by all who attended

Many thanks to all our helpers and sponsors and special thanks to Penkford School for letting us host the event at the school, were we are always made most welcome and to Stuart Ainscough, President of the Newton le Willows Rotary for presenting the awards.