On the Friday evening before the Show when we were busy at St. Aelreds' setting up the tables preparing for Saturday and listening to the heavy and continuous rain pouring down outside we all felt that nobody could possibly want to turn out with exhibits for a Flower Show!    

Fortunately we were proved wrong, for although inevitably the entries were well down on previous years, we still had a reasonably good Show for the visitors on Saturday. Obviously flowers were few but the vegetable entries were of good quality and of course the photography classes, unaffected by the weather, were as interesting and professional as ever.

The main prizewinners were:-

Ian Burns-  The Garden News Shield for the Best Exhibit in the Show.  The National                         Chrysanthemum Society Silver medal for the best exhibit in Chrysanthemums.

Jim Broderick  -  The Gordon Brooks Trophy for the Highest points in the Show.
The Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal.

Brian Newland -  The H.K. Jeacock Trophy for the most points in Chrysanthemums.

J.T. Ashcroft    -  The National Dahlia Society Silver and Bronze medals.

Bernie Wood    -  British Gladiolus Society Bronze Medal. 
Royal National Rose Society Bronze Medal.

Albert Lyon-  National Vegetable Society Silver Medal for the Best Exhibit in Vegetables.
  Winner of the Garden News Top Tray Class.

Don Farrell-  Sue Lever Trophy for the most points in Pot Plants.

Chris Nightingale-  Lewis's Ice Cream Trophy for the Highest Points in the Flower Sections.
  Winner of the Garden News Top Vase class.

Shaun Gallhager-  The British Fuchsia Society Blue Rosette.

Mr. J.T. Ashcroft is awarded the National Dahlia Society's Silver and Bronze Medals
Exhibits in the Flower Section
Richard Jeacocks' prize-winning leeks
Albert Lyons' Vegetable Collection which won the N.V.S. Medal
Our President Robin Spencer presents Don Farrell with the Sue Lever Trophy
Jim Broderick receives the Gordon Brooks Trophy
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