Our expectations for a good Flower & Vegetable Show were pretty low this year following the abysmally wet summer.  We were pleasantly surprised however when many of our regular exhibitors, plus some very welcome newcomers,  turned up on the day to give us a very creditable show.  See pictures below.
Main Prizewinners:-

Stuart Clemsy  Gordon Brooks Trophy for the most points in the show.
  Lewis's Ice Cream Trophy for the most points in the Flower                                                      Sections.
  Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal.  Garden News                                                      Shield for the Best Exhibit in the Show. National Dahlia                                                             Society Silver and Bronze medals. Garden News "Top Vase."

D. Cowap-  H.K. Jeacock Trophy for the most points in the                                                  Chrysanthemum Section.

Ian Burns-  National Chrysanthemum Society Silver Medal.

B. Newland     -  British Gladiolus Society Bronze Medal.

Bernie Wood   -  Royal National Rose Society Bronze medal.

Albert Lyon     -  National vegetable Society Silver Medal.
                                                Garden News "Top Tray."

Sean Gallagher       -  British Fuchsia Society Blue Rosette.

Some of Stuart Clemsy's
prizewinning dahlias
Despite the terrible weather this summer, the Gladioli exhibits were magnificent
The Pot Plant Section was well supported as usual
Vegetable animal exhibits in the Children's' Section
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