We thought the show last year was one of the best we have ever had, but this year's was even better! With 567 exhibits and 118 exhibitors, this must have been the best ever.    The vegetable classes were outstanding and with almost twice as many exhibits as last year,  we had a lot of problems on the Friday evening before the show  finding enough tables to accommodate them.
Mrs. Monica Bate of M.T.B. Motors, one of the main sponsors of the show, is seen here presenting Stuart Clensy from Maghull with  his awards.
Main Prizewinners:-
Stuart Clensy- Gordon Brooks Trophy for the highest total points in the Show,    Lewis's Ice                                                            Cream Cup for most points in the flower classes, and the National Dahlia                                                                      Society Silver and Bronze medals for the best and second best exhibits in dahlias..

Ian Burns      -  H.K. Jeacock Trophy for the most points in the Chrysanthemum Section,  the                                                         National Chrysanthemum Society Medal for the best exhibit in Chrysanthemums, and                                                   the Garden News Shield for the best exhibit in the Show.

Shaun Gallagher - British Fuchsia Society Blue Rosette for the best exhibit in the Fuchsia Section.

Don Sutcliffe- British Gladiolus Society Bronze Medal for the best exhibit in gladioli.

B. Wood- Royal National Rose Society Bronze Medal for the best exhibit in the rose section.

D. Williams - Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal for the winner of the largest total amount                                                       of money in prizes, and the National Vegetable Society Medal for the most                                                                   meritorious vegetable exhibit in the Show.

Garden News Top Tray awards    Gold and Bronze - Albert Lyon.
                                                      Silver - D. Williams.

Garden News TopGold and Bronze - Stuart Clensy
Vase awardsSilver - Don Sutcliffe

Shaun Gallagher receives the National Fuchsia Society Blue Rosette from Mrs. Monica Bate.
Friday 6.00pm
Saturday 1.00pm
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